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Recently, violence struck the community of Roseburg, Oregon, bringing with it injury and death.  The community is reeling with sorrow and grief over the needless loss and injury of their loved ones. The out pouring of prayer and love from people all over the United States is palpable. Karla Hackney, a spiritual writer and colleague, talks about her own personal experience with loss and her spiritual perspective on the uplifting power of prayer that healed her grief.  See what new insight you may gain about the power of prayer to heal from reading Karla’s enlightening spiritual journey.

Photo of pretty woman embracing her daughter in troubleSome of my dearest friends live in Roseburg and in the wake of yesterday’s shootings, a permeating and tangible flood of love is pouring into their community. I found this promise in my hymnal – “Earth has no sorrow but Love can remove.” With that sparkle of hope, I share my own experience of love removing sorrow and my prayers for the dear families and friends of Roseburg.

She left us abruptly and without warning. I was advised to be grateful that she didn’t suffer.

That didn’t help.

The temptation was to turn inward, to wallow in the dark side of losing my mother. I found myself anticipating and fixated on an unfillable void. The future, how would it look and feel? I sat in front of the blank computer screen with a “very loud” proverbial clock ticking off the minutes before the memorial. Friends told me I didn’t have to say anything.

But I desperately wanted to get above the emotional upheaval. I wanted to share a sense of comfort with everyone. I knew that love would win.

An email from an insightful friend appeared in my inbox.

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