You Can’t Google Intuition

Photo by © Glow mages

Photo by © Glow mages

Eric Nelson, a spiritual thinker, syndicated writer and colleague, poses the question-can Google or any internet search engine really be a reliable discerner of the truth?   The internet purports variable aspects of the truth at best.  Maybe listening to a more intrinsic search engine is a more viable path.  Could spiritual intuition be a better discerner of truth?  You decide after reading what Eric has to share.

Ever since Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” we’ve been trying to figure out the answer. Is it possible that the mother of all search engines has finally hit on a solution, or should we be relying on something less tech-oriented?

During a familiar and oft-quoted exchange just before his crucifixion, Jesus is asked by Pontius Pilate that singular question that continues to reverberate some two thousand years later:

“What is truth?”

Apparently, the folks at Google are wondering the same thing.

In an effort to bring us all closer to an answer, they have devised a nifty new search mechanism that ranks websites based on their credibility, not popularity. Instead of counting the number of links to a particular page, the system instead measures the amount of incorrect information it detects.

How is that possible?

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