Wishing you a Holiday Season Aflame with Gratitude

Photo by © Google Images

Photo by © Google Images

This season exudes gratitude and love and it is palpable.  The very act of expressing gratitude dispels the clouds of darkness that gather in our hearts.  Tony Lobl, a spiritual blogger, investigator and colleague, shares an enlightening exercise and his personal experience with the light and power of gratitude.  Join me and find out what insights Tony has discovered.

You gather family and friends of all ages in a large room and ask each person to hold a single, unlit candle.

Then you turn out the lights.

In the darkness, you ask someone to tell you about something they’re grateful for – whether it’s another person, an event or anything else. After sharing their story they light their candle. The next person does the same, and so on, right around the room, story by story.

After each expression of appreciation, the room grows a little brighter. By the time the last person has spoken, it’s ablaze with light!

This idea is not new. One Christmas, a friend of mine heard a young woman reminiscing on a late night radio show about her family and friends doing just this.

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