Why pray silently? by Moji George

Moji George, a colleague, and Christian Science Committee on Publication for Nigeria, West Africa, explains in this article, how powerful silent prayer really is.  She offers her spiritual perspective and quotes from the Bible on how important all prayer is but especially the directive to pray silently, as stated clearly by our Master, Christ Jesus. Moji acknowledges how silent prayer is the honest desire to hear what God is saying-listening for direction and communication spiritually-one on one.  Take a moment and see what a compelling message Moji has to share!

There is strong advocacy for audible prayer within many churches. There are a number of good reasons for this. Usually, a child learns to pray through the example of audible prayer; some pastors encourage praying aloud to ensure alertness and active participation; and, there is a spirit of unity that comes, when we lift our voices together in prayer.

Christ Jesus says when we pray, we must ‘enter into the closet,’ shut the door, pray to the Father in secret, and the Father, who sees in secret shall reward openly. He specifically says when we pray; we must not be like the heathen, who ‘think they shall be heard for their much speaking.’ He adds, ‘After this manner therefore pray ye.’ Then he gave the Lord’s Prayer, (Matthew 6:6-13). While Jesus, at that juncture, does not instruct that we should pray the Lord’s Prayer together, over the centuries, Christians have commonly prayed it aloud together.

Many also pray it when alone. Does this suggest that praying aloud is better than praying silently? Does it suggest that silent prayer is wrong, or ineffective, or worse still, praying amiss? It does not.

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