Where does wisdom come from? by Eric Nelson

In this article, Eric Nelson, a colleague and a writer, who focuses on the link between consciousness and health from the perspective as a practitioner of Christian Science, explores the source of wisdom.  Eric shares his spiritual insight and statements from others on the importance of looking beyond brain activity as the sole source of right thinking.  He acknowledges how God is the real source of wisdom. Eric cites the story of Solomon from the Old Testament of the Bible and his own experience of appealing to God for wisdom (which is innately ours as His children) for the resolution of challenges of every kind that we may be faced with.  Perhaps, it is time to rethink the source of true wisdom!

If wisdom doesn’t come with age, and it doesn’t originate in our brains, is there perhaps a spiritual source we should consider?

“It’s interesting to be in San Francisco, to be near Silicon Valley, [where] we get so titillated by the idea of our machines becoming intelligent,” said Krista Tippet during a recent interview with Alan Jones, Dean Emeritus of San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral. “I think it would behoove us to get titillated by the possibilities for our intelligence, our consciousness that in fact we already possess, and our capacity not merely to become knowledgeable, but to become wise.”

Indeed, there is a significant difference between knowledge and “sciatica” in Latin, and wisdom or “sapient.” While the former might be approximated, for instance, by a camera’s ability to recognize a fearful expression on someone’s face, the ability to determine the cause of this fear – not to mention its possible remedy – is born of something far more sophisticated than even the most complex computer program.

But where does such wisdom come from?

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