What is a Christian Science Reading Room?, by Thomas (Tim) Mitchinson

Thomas (Tim) Mitchinson, a colleague and a writer, who focuses on the relationship between thought, spirituality and health and trends in that field, gives an informative and interesting answer in this article.  Tim shares his spiritual perspective, geographical statistics and historical knowledge of the purpose and significance of a Christian Science Reading Room in today’s society. He acknowledges how this library-bookstore nurtures spiritual growth and development while offering a healing atmosphere for all who enter its door. Read this interesting and inviting article-a Christian Science Reading Room may offer just the atmosphere you have been looking for! 

I was in college and had just started a new part-time job at a florist and gift shop. One day the store’s buyer asked me to hang some new paintings throughout the store. “Don’t lose my hammer!” she told me as I left her office. After spending quite a bit of time hanging those works of art, I was asked by the manager to go to the bank to make a deposit. On my way there, I realized I didn’t know where the hammer was! It was my first weekend on the job and I panicked.

After making the deposit, I wanted a quiet place to just think for a while. I passed a Christian Science Reading Room. I knew I could go in there – my mom worked there. I went in and sat in the study room. The quiet and peace I felt there was just what I needed to be able to think clearly about this situation. In a short while, I remembered that I had put the hammer on an antique desk in the corner of the salesroom. I left the Reading Room, went back to the store, and there was the hammer – on the antique desk in the corner. This may not seem much to you, but to a college student who really needed a job to pay for college costs, this quiet place was just what I wanted.

You may have seen one of the Christian Science Reading Rooms located in towns all over Illinois. There is one on Jefferson Street in Naperville; one on Addison Street in Elmhurst; one across from the Capitol Building in Springfield; and one in Chicago’s loop on Wabash and Wacker Drives. As a matter of fact, there are approximately 1500 Christian Science Reading Rooms, not only all over the United States, but in nearly 80 other countries! If you have seen one, you may have wondered, “What is a Christian Science Reading Room? What goes on in there?”

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