What bill of (health) goods are you buying into? by Wendy Margolese

With the advancement of new technologies – over testing and over diagnosis of disease have become a growing concern in Canada, the United States and other parts of the world.  Needless and potentially harmful screening for diseases is expensive and needs to be considered and looked at more carefully.  Wendy Margolese, a published blogger, spiritual thinker and colleague, gives us important information and possible alternatives-even spiritual remedies-in combating this growing global problem.  Join me and read what spiritual insight Wendy has to share.

Photo by © Glowimages; models are used for illustrative purposes

Photo by © Glowimages; models are used for illustrative purposes

Stories abound of people who were ‘sold a bill of goods’, meaning that you did not receive what you thought you were purchasing.

Excessive use of all the new technologies for peering into the human body may be a bill of health goods that warrants a second, more discerning, look. Canadians are undergoing more tests today than we did 20 years ago – with no obvious improvement in our health.

In his book “Overdiagnosed: Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health”, Dr. Gilbert Welch offers the insight that ‘widespread screening of people for health issues does not promote health; it promotes disease. People suffer from more anxiety about their health, from drug side effects, from complications of surgery.’

And, Dr. Iona Heath may have uncovered why we buy into excessive medical testing. She writes in a recent edition of the British Medical Journal: ‘We need to admit …the very real and dangerous conditions of anxiety and worry that are affecting this country and the world…that cannot be satiated by countless unremarkable medical investigations or needless and potentially harmful and expensive medication.’

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