The War on Truth and Reality, by Don Ingwerson

The question, “What is truth?” has been an enigma since Jesus’ time and is still an ongoing academic topic of discussion.  Don Ingwerson, a spiritual writer and colleague, explores the process of shifting our view on how to ascertain what we consider to be true.  Don asks us to consider truth and reality to be more than what we can see with our eyes, hear with our ears, or can touch with our hands.  Current scientific theories suggest that reality and truth are more metaphysical then physical.  Read this stimulating article and determine for yourself the answer to “What is truth?”

Break the chain of cherished opinions! (1)I’ve found that striving to understand and live in the light of this view of spiritual reality brings consciousness into a healthier sphere.

“What is truth?” asked Pilate during the trial of Jesus before his tragically unjust crucifixion.

Jesus was subsequently put to death – not because Pilate found fault with Jesus’ answer, but because the public were stirred into rejecting what Jesus understood to be true.

Today, global warming, health care, and evolution are just a few of the topics that stir impassioned arguments about what is or isn’t true. As the presidential debates heat up and different candidates share their vision for the future, they try to convince members of the public to share their perception of truth, often illustrating the huge gaps that exist between individuals and groups in what they hold to be true and in what data they use to justify their position.

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