Want Better Health? Resolve to think positive in 2014

Resolve to make better health choices. •© GLOW IMAGES

Resolve to make better health choices.

I am happy to share this article focusing on the positive effect a person’s thought  has on their health, by a fellow writer, Kay Stroud, from Australia.

HAVE you been following The Paradise on TV? Maybe you went to see the second movie in the Hunger Games trilogy or The Book Thief during the holiday season?

Some of us identify more intensely with the characters on the big screen, but it seems that we all love following an intelligent, positive hero as he or she conquers fear, stays cool and becomes a change-agent in the world.

Their success begs the question: Is it good luck, good genes, ‘right place, right time’ or positive thinking that makes the difference?

And how about in real life?

Research is beginning to reveal that our mental state has the major impact on outcomes for us.  ‘Far from being a flimsy, feel-good emotion or upbeat attitude, positive thoughts can create real value in your life and help you build skills that last much longer than a smile.  Read More

Kay Stroud is a health writer focusing on the leading edge of thought, consciousness, spirituality and health.  She is also the liaison to media and government for Christian Science in northern and eastern Australia.