Silence – Inward Stillness, Outward Healing, by Wendy Margolese

In 2011 the World Health Organization recognized that noise pollution is detrimental to public health.  Constant audio stimulation has become an accepted and welcomed part of our everyday life.  Noise is constantly being emitted from the media, music, traffic, sirens, etc., etc., etc.  Wendy Margolese, a writer, spiritual explorer and colleague, explores this “modern plague” in her interesting and informative article.  Wendy states and research supports that periods of silence are necessary for our health and well-being. She offers her personal experience and spiritual perspective on how to achieve the rejuvenation that stillness and prayer can bring.  Let’s see what Wendy has discovered and what she has to share on this modern enigma

Silence - inward stillness“Silence is golden” – a phrase coined in the 19th century – may have a deeper meaning today given that “noise pollution” – a more recently coined phrase – is now deemed detrimental to our health.

In fact, a 2011 World Health Organization report called noise pollution the “modern plague”, concluding that “there is overwhelming evidence that exposure to environmental noise has adverse effects on the health of the population.”

We are constantly bombarded by sound – whether it’s traffic noise and emergency sirens or music, television and radio (exacerbated at times by the use of headphones). Many of us long for periods of quiet in our hectic day! And, research indicates that we need periods of silence, because it contributes to many aspects of our overall well-being.

The outcome of a period of golden silence, when taking a break from clamouring distractions, is pleasantly surprising. The Bible tells of the wisdom of the “still small voice” of God and of people being rescued from dire circumstances when they heard it – something hard to do amid the cacophony of today’s noisy world!

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