To view, or not to view “50 Shades Of Grey”

Photo by © Glow Images

Photo by © Glow Images

The new, controversial blockbuster film, “Fifty Shades of Grey” which opened in time for Valentine’s Day, introduces sadomasochistic, sensual gratification that some say is devoid of love or romance, to the mainstream audience.  See what you think after reading this article by Tony Lobl, a spiritual thinker, writer, lecturer and colleague, examines and shares his and others concerns and presents a more metaphysical view on how to achieve true happiness and fulfillment.  Join me and read what Tony has to share on this thought provoking topic.

As we weigh up whether this Valentine’s Day blockbuster is worth, or worthy of, the ticket price it might be worth asking: “What is happiness?”

The fervour surrounding Fifty Shades of Grey reached fever pitch with the Valentine’s eve release of one of the raciest storylines ever likely to achieve blockbuster status.

Yet it hasn’t all been roses for the producers film has its detractors – ranging from religious leaders and domestic abuse campaigners to anti-porn activists. And they are making their voices heard.

For instance, a creative social media campaign has been launched with a hashtag urging movie-goers to skip the film and instead donate their money to shelters and agencies that support abused women. (#50DollarsNot50Shades).

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