The Vital Role of Education to Global Prosperity, by Ingrid Peschke

In this article, Ingrid Peschke, a colleague and a writer who writes regularly about health, well-being and the connection between consciousness, spirituality and health explores this important subject.  She shares examples of her own personal experiences as a teacher and her spiritual insight on the impact that global education can and does have on positive world growth. Ingrid acknowledges that we are all God’s children – no favoritism or preferential treatment and that His love is unlimited and universal.  Join me and read this thought provoking and heart-felt article!

education-to-global-prosperityAs a new teacher of 9- and 10-year-olds in the Texas public school system many years ago, I was profoundly aware of the large gap between my students and those in the mainstream classes. My English as a second language class was made up of immigrant students, many of whose parents hadn’t completed their high school education and didn’t speak English themselves. I’d prayed to know how best to help them.

So it was heartwarming when one of my students found me on Facebook recently – several decades after I’d taught her – to share that she had graduated from college with a professional degree. That was a happy day!

There need to be many more such outcomes. For instance, a new United Nations report claims that 10-year-old girls are key to global prosperity, citing their education as a top factor (see “Why 10-year-old girls can lift the world,” But girls – as well as women, men, and boys – too often face obstacles to learning and progress in their lives.

Over a century ago, Christian Science Discoverer Mary Baker Eddy overcame many of the limitations society imposed on women, including access to education. Through her own efforts, and with her brother’s help, she learned enough to become a schoolteacher in her own right. Above all, though, her love of God led her to the spiritual discovery of the Science of the Christ – of how to restore health and harmony based on the way Christ Jesus and his early followers had healed – and this is what lifted her to a profoundly different way of looking at, and overcoming, limitations of all kinds.

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