The South Korean Ferry Tragedy: A way out of the grief



In the aftermath of great tragedy comfort can be found in love and hope.   Hope and faith that are rooted in love and that inspire, uplift and heal us in times of challenge and in times of tragedy.  Ingrid Peschke shares her spiritual insights and points the way to forgiveness and renewal.  Here is Ingrid

There are no adequate words to describe the deep grief of the families who lost loved ones on the South Korean ferry that suddenly capsized on April 16. Sadly, most of the 476 passengers on board were high school students who were en route to a field trip on the holiday island of Jeju. More than 300 of those passengers perished.

News reports reveal parents reacting with both anguish and anger. Many question the boat’s compliance with safety regulations, as well as emergency response procedures.

While looking for culprits and striking out in anger seem like natural human responses in such a situation, they will never bring healing answers. So what can be done to find peace and comfort in the aftermath?

Faith in the consistent power of good and God’s enduring love is a place to start. Many turn to prayer in times of great need and find it’s the only solace that truly comforts.  A hymn I love called “Consolation” is full of promise:

“Like as a mother, God comforteth his children;  …

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