The Reformation: Ancient History or Daily Renewal?, by Anna Bowness-Park

In this article, Anna Bowness-Park, a colleague and a Christian Science Practitioner, who writes frequently on the relationship between consciousness and health, answers this question. Anna shares her spiritual understanding and historical events to explain religious reformation.  She acknowledges how spiritual reformation can and should take place daily.  Each day we have the opportunity to renew and rethink our relationship to the Divine.  Join me and read this thought-provoking article and find out what Anna has discovered.

When German theologian Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the doors of All Saints Church in Wittenburg, Germany in October 1517, he would probably have been amazed if he’d known that the Christian world would still be talking about him today and the radical change that Christianity has undergone since then. This year marks the 500th year of this event, which revolutionized Christians to rethink their relationship to God.

Luther was not the only reformer at the time, but his courageous stand, along with leading lights such as the Englishman William Tyndale, inspires appreciation and respect. Perhaps the most important thing these reformers saw was the need for the Bible to be translated from Latin and Greek – which many did not read – to a common language of the people.

Why was this so important? Because at the heart of this change was their desire for everyone to know and understand God through “the Word” and Jesus, the Christ, through his own words and works. At that time, people were told God was distant and to be feared and the Word could only be interpreted by a religious figure. Once people could read the Biblethemselves, some began to glimpse God as something more – including as Love – and to want a direct relationship with the Divine.

Thinking about this, I wondered: What if we saw the Reformation not just as an historical event but also as an everyday opportunity to reform the way we understand the nature of God and our relationship to the Divine?

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