The Missing Piece Behind Healing Addiction, by Malissa Lakin-Watson

Today, much debate is going on about the cause of addiction-is it a moral weakness or is it considered a disease?  Malissa Lakin-Watson, a writer, spiritual thinker and colleague, explores this question in her touching and inspiring article.  She talks about her personal journey with addiction and how she was healed by realizing the power to do so was already inside her.  Through her spiritual journey Malissa discovered that she and everyone else, has a deep connection to God-who is all good and this connection changed her life. Read how she was able to overcome this difficult challenge with Divine Love.
The missing piece behind healing addiction...No matter who we are or where we come from, I believe we all want the same things—to feel we belong and are loved by those closest to us must surely be at the top of the list.

But when life doesn’t go as planned or the relationships we have don’t bring the comfort we’re looking for, turning to drugs or alcohol to fill the void may feel like a viable solution.~

In this TED talk, British author and journalist, Johann Hari, explains that new research has been shedding light on the fact that everything we think we know about addiction may not be entirely true—that addiction is either a moral weakness or it is a disease. In his desire to help those he loved who had become drug addicts, he was impelled to go on a quest, looking for a better way to address this problem.

After extensive and exhaustive research spanning the globe, he came to this conclusion, “the opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety but connection.”

And just what is this connection he is talking about? He explains that we, as human beings, need to bond with other human beings. Nothing new there, but when some seem unable to maintain close relationships, or “can’t bear to be present in their lives” because of trauma or some other adverse circumstance, “(they) will bond with something that gives relief,” he says. That “something” can be substances which, when indulged in heavily and often, can lead to addictive behavior.

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