The Hope of Easter, by Van Driessen

Most Christians will be celebrating the glory and promise of Easter on Sunday, April 16th!  Van Driessen, a colleague and a writer, who writes from the perspective of a Christian Science practitioner, shares his spiritual insight in the article about the relevance of Easter that is eternal.  He tells the story of a New York policeman who discovered his relationship with God-divine Love during a challenging and life changing experience.  Van acknowledges how the presence and power of the Christ filled this young man with peace and hope each day and through this spiritual journey he was completely healed.  Take some time and read this inspiring article on the power and presence of the Christ today and forever!

Happy Easter - 3 crossesThe impact of the three days that are celebrated over Easter — Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection and the events that led up to them — have changed and are changing the world, as the experience of a New York City policeman related below illustrates.

Jesus’ brutal crucifixion devastated the disciples. Their hopes were gone with their Master and Teacher and they hid from the Jewish authorities, fearing for their lives.

But when they saw that what Jesus had been teaching enabled him to triumph over death and hatred, they became fearless, confident in what he had taught them. They now understood. Their Master lived; they would live. Death did not have the final say. Even though the same authorities that killed Jesus threatened them, they went out and spoke freely, demonstrating the power of Christ, divine Truth and Love, to heal and redeem and save.

This isn’t just history. It points to something real and alive today, as the following account shows.

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