The Cross and Crown


A dear friend sent the following anonymous poem and I LOVE IT!  It shows how important it is to be an example of good behavior at all times.  When we are going about our daily living, are we conscious that others are taking notice of both us and how we approach solving difficult situations as well as mundane ones.

Are we losing our tempers or are we quietly praying for the next step to solve a problem in a Christ-like way?  Are we lightening the load of those who seemed bowed by life’s burdens?

It would behoove us to take the message this poem imparts to heart and be more conscious of our reactions in our daily activities.

I have learned many lessons by watching others.  Sometimes I have recognized my shortcomings and thought, “I would love to be like him/her in facing that situation.”

Instead of having to redeem myself and my actions at the end of the day – instead of having to asking for forgiveness for things badly done; I would like to know, at the end of the day, I have written a letter of brotherly love that day; a letter of unselfish ambition; a letter of  “laying down my life” for all men.


The Cross and the Crown

If none but you in the world today

Had tried to live in a Christ-like way,

Could the rest of the world look close at you

And find the path that is straight and true?


If none but you in the world so wide

Had found Christ for his daily guide,

Would the things you do and the things you say

Lead others to live in this blessed way?


Ah, friends of the Christ in the world today

Are many who watch you upon your way

And look to the things you say and do

To measure the Christian standard true.


Men read and admire the Gospel of Christ

With its love so unfailing and true,

But what do they say and what do they think

Of the Gospel according to you?


You are writing each day a letter to men —

Take care that the writing is true;

‘Tis the only Gospel that some men will read

That Gospel according to you.



If anyone reading this post knows who wrote this poem, I would love to know.



  1. Karen Miller

    You ask a lot for it is so easy to get bogged down in the daily aspects of life, especially the burdens. But, after thinking about it, I know where I can start. It may sound silly – A daily computer or cell phone alarm to remind me to think back over the day to take notice of reactions in daily activities, both mine and others. What an eye-opening way to grow???? I would like to think that eventually the alarms could be deleted, because the thought process to check over my day would become a natural part of my daily activity.

  2. Kate – I love this also and plan to read this each day as a loving reminder of the importance of being Christ-like in all that I say and do.

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem with us! What a wonderful message. It comes with a sense of responsibility to be aware of how we handle situations and how others may interpret those actions. If we’re reactive and nasty and say that we’re Christians…who would want to follow us? But if we express Christ’s gentle loving-kindness in our every day lives, others will be naturally drawn to that and can’t help but see the blessings that come with such a wonderful way of life. I will definitely try to be more aware of how I handle things. Thanks again!