Teller: Where is the Voice Coming From?

Henry Teller, a spiritual writer, thinker and colleague, presents a question about the “voice” that impels evil thoughts and actions.  Could there be a way to ward off this type of malevolent thinking that appears to bring about horrible deeds.  This article explores a remedy that can educate us on how to discern thought in a more spiritual way and that is available to us all.  Let’s read what Henry has discovered about becoming more alert to disarming evil suggestions-before they take form as evil actions.

man thinking leaning on wall glow images sig“Where is the voice coming from?” is the title of a short story written by famed Mississippi author Eudora Welty on the day civil rights activist Medgar Evers was murdered outside his home in Jackson during the summer of 1963.

Welty’s story describes to a T the racial climate in Mississippi and much of the United States 52 years ago. Unfortunately this irrational hatred, so powerfully portrayed by Welty, seems to linger around the country and around the world.

What is this “voice” that would impel someone to randomly murder people in a movie theater or to enter a church and shoot nine people attending a Bible study? Is there a way we can head off these malicious thoughts or voices and the actions stemming from them? There is. Everyone has the God-given ability to discern what he or she is thinking and reject malevolent thoughts.

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