The snake, the bird and the stick, by Thomas (Tim) Mitchinson

In this article, Thomas (Tim) Mitchinson, a colleague, and a writer who writes about the relationship between thought, spirituality and health, addresses a big problem in schools today-Bullying.  He shares his personal experience and spiritual perspective on being bullied and afraid in school.  He explains how he naturally turned to prayer-which was and is his go to in fearful times and challenges-and was led to a shift in thought that nullified the fear and ended the chaos.  Let Tim show you a way to uplift thought out of fear and worry to freedom!

Snake, Bird, StickYears ago I read a story about a man who was out on a walk and noticed a bird standing still, transfixed.  The bird was staring at a snake that was coming closer and getting ready to strike.  Just then, the man threw a stick between the two.  The snake recoiled, and the bird flew off.  Through the years, that story has continued to hold a lesson for me.

We all may have challenges in life – times of sickness, lack, loneliness, unhappiness.  Have you ever felt like that bird, unable to move, paralyzed by fear?  I have.  But I have been saved by a stick thrown in my path.  What is that stick that has broken the spell of fear?

For me, and maybe for you, too, that stick has been spontaneous prayer – the ability to turn to God at any time and feel the quick influence of divine power in my life.  Prayer does not necessarily need time and quiet to be effective, but can be instant in helping us feel the powerful effect of God.  Maybe you have found, like me, that prayer has the capability to break the grip of fear and bring divine goodness and protection into our lives.

My freshman year of high school was not an easy time for me.  The school was out of control.  I saw violence in the halls and drug deals in dark corners.  The outside smoking area reeked of pot.  There were no closed halls.  Students roamed where they wanted, whenever they wanted.  It was chaos.

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