Debra Chew: #SpiritualMillennials

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Debra Chew, a published writer, spiritual thinker and colleague, explores the spiritual potential of the generation referred to as the”millennials” for handling stress and life challenges. Perhaps they have discovered the harmony and renewal that spiritual awareness and/or communing with God can bring. Join me in reading Debra’s informative and insightful article on the power and potential of prayer.  Prayer that is always available and can relieve the stress and challenges of life.

That group we call the “millennials” – the first generation to have had internet during their formative years – is reportedly the most studied generation ever.  Those researchers who refer to them as the most diverse aggregation of young people so far also calls them the most stressed-out generation ever!  What does that mean for the future health of this “most educated generation” to date?

According to the American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America Survey, released earlier this year, the health effects of stress are a growing concern across this group of young adults.  Their stress is causing not only irritability, anxiety and lack of motivation, it has also been linked to health problems.

At the same time, other reports indicate millennials are more likely than other generations to deal with stress using non-traditional methods….reportedly, twice as likely as other generations to meditate (commune with a higher power) to try to relieve stress.  While some are secular in their approach to meditation, many are seeking some sense of the Divine as a relief from stress.  And, with college finals fast approaching and stress awareness month – April – upon us, many millennials could find relief from the pressures of their school or work day by communing with God.

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