Simple happiness brings happy, healing thinking

Is joy more than a feeling of great pleasure and happiness?  Rodolfo Jerome Lacusong, a  writer on spirituality and health, discusses the possibility that joy and happiness have a direct influence on our health.  Let’s read what Rodolfo has discovered.

Be happy! •© GLOW IMAGES

Be happy!

Have you been hired in a job that the simple requirement is to be joyful?

When I came to the United States and landed a job with an American family, the first question they asked me was, “Can you give joy?”

Well, I got the job, and the joy that is within me was doubled because as I worked with this family, I found out that when we give more, we receive more – not materially but a priceless peace of mind and steady healthy consciousness.

My work was comprised of  a daily cleaning up of the veranda with multiple vegetable plants and flower pots, tidying the bathrooms, rooms and the garage and interestingly, reading a Bible Lesson to a former high school English teacher. At first it was hard to read, but I tried and am really thankful that I accepted the “challenge.”

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