Shifting Health Advice: “Eat This, Not That” Roulette?

Deborah Sherwood, a spiritual thinker, writer and colleague, shares her insight on a recent article she read depicting the changing view on the dangers of cholesterol in many of the foods that we eat.  This new opinion overturns the long-held belief that eating certain foods like-eggs can be harmful to our health.  How confusing!  Could there be a more dependable and accessible guide to eating healthy in this ever- changing climate of food theories.  Let’s read Deborah’s thought provoking article about a more spiritual view that she has discovered.

Glasses of orange and strawberry drinks on white backgroundAn article I read recently, entitled “Why butter and eggs won’t kill us after all: Flawed science triggers U-turn on cholesterol fears,” really got me walking down a memory lane depicting my own changing views about food’s impact on health, and my resulting eating habits. It also prompted me to ponder how, in this world of ever-changing food theories and advice, we can make the right choices, and feel and be healthy.

The article recalls that we’ve been advised to stay away from high-cholesterol foods since the 1970s — the same era that most of us in the U.S. were newly enamored with fast food drive-thrus, treats like Twinkies and Ding Dongs, and eating TV dinners while watching The Brady Bunch, Donny and Marie, or Wide World of Sports. I don’t remember knowing any better; I don’t think we were deliberately choosing to make poor eating choices.

Other headlines about the same recent cholesterol discovery read “your doctor lied!” and “…but sugar might kill you!” A host of questions rush at us:

– How do we know who and what to trust?

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