Sexual Abuse – Reclaim a pure and blameless identity

In this article Wendy Margolese, a colleague, spiritual thinker and blogger, explores the healing effect of forgiveness that can counteract the violence of sexual abuse. Whether you are the victim or the perpetrator there is always hope for redemption and forgiveness.  Join me and discover what spiritual insight Wendy has to share.

Photo by © Glow Images

Photo by © Glow Images

The accusing headlines of sexual abuse leave no one out – celebrity, clergy, government official and student. The accusers range from anonymous to outspoken. Is it possible to not only forgive the perpetrator but also find healing from life-crippling feelings of violation?

Rape and sexual assault are traumatic experiences that interrupt lives at home, at work, and at school, and affect relationships with friends, family, and co- workers. It requires alertness and compassion from those in authority when such situations occur.

But zero tolerance for such heinous acts does not exclude forgiveness and healing. A progressive step is to recognize sexual abuse as not only a crime to be punished, but also as a sin to be overcome by one and forgiven by another.

We have both modern and ancient examples of forgiveness for terrible acts against humanity – from the inspiration of young Malala to the courage of Jesus. Both knew and employed the power of forgiveness in the healing process.

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