Selflessness Repels Aging and Frailty, by Cindy Sheltmire and Deborah Sherwood

Cindy Sheltmire and Deborah Sherwood, spiritual writers and colleagues, give some uplifting and inspiring ideas about living a purposeful and active life-no matter what age we are.  In the United States there is a growing number of people who are 65 years old or older- approximately fifteen percent of the total population. Many are already retired or getting ready to retire. Could retirement be a perfect time to contribute to and stay engaged with life?   Cindy and Deborah share their spiritual insight and inspiring example on how to maintain a useful and active life.  Should age have anything to do with productivity or fulfillment? Read this article and make that decision for yourself.

Selflessness repels aging and frailty (2)Eugenia Crain, 94, knows the secret to good living.

The gloomy adage that every breath we take is one step closer to death implies that we’re on a perpetual course to frailty and decline.

Yet, 94-year-old Columbia resident Eugenia Crain has been a model of happiness and health at every stage. Although she’s an inspiration to many who know her, most can’t put their finger on how she does it. There are many aspects to her approach to life, but one of the most impressive elements is selflessness.

Eugenia says, “From a young age, I learned that it doesn’t make any difference how people treat you, what people say about you or how difficult they may be to love. I’ve never let any of that bother me. I just try to love and stay focused on serving.” She also says that, because of the service-oriented mental atmosphere she created for herself, she never missed a day to illness during high school, college or 40 years of work — including 37 years teaching high school accounting.

Taking her unique view of others a step further, Eugenia continues, “I never believed that age led to decline when I was young — when I looked at others, or when I envisioned my own future.” Maintaining this view throughout her life has had a positive impact on those around her and set the tone for future phases of her own life.

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