Peace on Earth? How about a truce between science and religion. by Monica Karal

This article, written by Monica Karal, a syndicated writer, spiritual explorer and colleague, addresses the current battle going on between the advocates of religion vs. the advocates of science.  Perhaps a re-evaluation of each is the first step in coming to a peaceful ‘shoulder to shoulder’ mutual respect for each other’s point of view.  Each one is capable of both greatness and destruction from misuse.  Are they really so incompatible-incapable of existing together?  Join Monica and read a possible solution she offers to this debate.

Science and Religion or Science and ReligionThe holiday season, when many throughout the world hope and pray for peace, can be a quiet time to reflect on the future of two influential players in the global picture: science and religion.

A recent article in these pages, titled “Hitchens taught us to think freely about religion” (Opinion, Dec. 14) presents quite negative views about religion. I have a different view.

There seems to be a tendency today to laud anything related to science and to criticize anything related to religion/theology, claiming the latter is supernatural or blind belief. Yet, either of these two disciplines can be useful — or harmful — depending on how it is used.

Science has brought many useful inventions, such as cell phones and solar panels. But if science is used to wage chemical warfare, it’s obviously destructive.

When religion explains an intelligent, loving Creator and is used to foster ethical principles and service to humanity, it’s beneficial. But when it is utilized to stir hatred between groups, it’s harmful.

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