Responding to the Refugee Crisis, by William Scott

Currently, world-wide there is growing concern over the refugee crises. William Scott, a colleague and the Christian Science Committee on Publication for Washington State, addresses this controversial topic.  William shares his spiritual perspective and the story of a colleague as an example of the power of universal love.  He acknowledges that each of us have a spiritual nature that shines in and through us and when acknowledged – it reveals the loveliness and true worth of every man, woman and child of the world.  Read this thoughtful article and see what William has discovered about the true nature of man!

The current refugee crisis has stirred concern and controversy all over the world. “A quarter billion people,” The Christian Science Monitor noted last year, “have either fled disasters or migrated to escape poverty.” How should our nation respond? What can we do as individuals to help – as churches, temples, cities and towns, businesses, civic organizations? Can anything be done, practically and realistically, to meet this enormous need?

These questions have prompted many people of faith – and many people of conscience who don’t embrace a religious faith –  to ponder their responsibilities to fellow human beings in need.

As a Christian Scientist, I’ve wrestled with these concerns as both the humanitarian crisis and the political controversies have deepened. My church doesn’t tell its members what to think or do on these matters.  We make our own decisions as individuals, based on our highest sense of what’s right, and what prayer and spiritual leading inspire us to do.

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