Resisting the serpent voice, by Moji George

Moji George, a colleague and the Christian Science Committee on Publication for Nigeria West Africa, explores how to resist evil in this inspiring article, Moji shares her spiritual perception and quotes from the Bible describing how we can recognize and correct the temptation of evil suggestions characterized biblically – as the serpent. She acknowledges that we are all the children of God and divinely authorized to recognize and resist all unlike good (God).  Enjoy this lovely article and reap the goodness to resist the serpent voice!

The Bible instructs to resist the devil, or temptation, and it will flee – James 4:7. Many attribute temptation to a personal devil, an embodiment of evil having power to afflict hapless humanity. Yet, the Bible reveals that temptation comes as a thought or suggestion, rather than as a devilish personality. It is sometimes symbolically represented scripturally as a serpent voice.

How can Christians recognise temptation? Discernment is a spiritual quality, natural to man made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26). All have the capacity to identify temptation, which comes in different guises – as a contradiction of God’s message, a belief that there is pleasure in evil or wrong doing, insistence that a knowledge of evil is requisite for salvation, a belief that God created evil. Whatever suggests anything other than God as the source of our existence, happiness and health, whether subtle or overt, can be deemed the serpent voice. Evidently, this is neither a talking snake nor a devil with an evil personality.

Succumbing to temptation, openly or in secret, dishonours God, and should bring remorse and a deep sense of the need for repentance, especially since we see from Jesus’ handling of temptation, that we have God-given authority to resist evil and sinful thoughts.

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