Renovate From the Inside Out this New Year, by Kay Stroud

Many of us made New Year’s resolutions this year.  Promising to improve our physical health by improving our eating habits, by exercising more or by establishing exercise routines for the first time in 2017.  Kay Stroud, a colleague and writer, who focuses on the connection between consciousness, spirituality, health and trends, considers, along with physical renovation, a renewal that starts from the inside.  She acknowledges that we all have an “inner pilot light” that needs to be ignited by turning to God (spiritual goodness) that can truly renovate our physical and mental health and well-being.  Join Kay and discover how turning to divine goodness can renew us every day this year and for years to come!

renovate from the inside out (1)As 2017 lifts off the launch pad some of us have commenced a “renovation rescue” on ourselves by resolving to eat healthier and exercise more. That’s renovating from the outside in. It can certainly make us feel better.

But for a real make-over, resolve to renovate from the inside out. Take time to explore the power of your spiritual pilot light to improve your life!

One of a growing band of physicians who admit the connection between spiritual, loving thoughts and our health, Lissa Rankin MD, unites with other spiritual thinkers down the centuries when she urges us to “strip back everything that isn’t really us,” or “that we may have learned in the school of hard knocks,” to find that “inner pilot light” or divine spark of love within. Studies on cancer-recovery and -remission support her claim to the beneficial effects of this practice.

In light of this research into the effects of spirituality on health and healing, could it be Jesus’ recognition of his divine pilot light (and theirs) which enabled him to heal the destitute, blind man and transform the corrupt tax collector into a real good guy? You could say he was the Master-renovator!

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