Removing the mask of mental – and physical – disease, by Eric Nelson

In this article, Eric Nelson, a Christian Science Practitioner, writer and colleague, explores a new treatment for the invisible wounds of war known as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Art therapist Melissa Walker has had great success in unmasking and healing the scars of war through art and creativity.  Eric offers a spiritual approach one which has also been proven to provide permanent healing.  He proposes that turning to God, as an available and present help in any fearful experience or fearful dream-either while asleep or awake, heals as successfully today- as it did 2000 years ago.  Take a moment and read what Eric has to share on this provocative topic.

Remove the maskArt therapist Melissa Walker achieves ‘spectacular results’ by helping military vets uncover their hidden wounds in creative, non-threatening ways.

“Give a man a mask,” said Oscar Wilde, “and he will tell you the truth.”

A clever adage, to be sure. But for creative arts therapist Melissa Walker, it’s actually the process of unmasking the invisible wounds of her patients that enables them to discover what’s true – and what’s not – and to experience lasting healing.

“Imagine you are a high ranking military service member deployed to Afghanistan,” said Walker during her talk at last year’s TEDMED conference in Palm Springs. “Incoming mortar rounds are exploding all around you. Struggling to see through the dust and the smoke, you do your best to help those wounded and crawl to a nearby bunker.

“As you regain your vision, you see a bloody face staring back at you. The image is terrifying, but you quickly come to understand it’s not real. This vision continues to visit you multiple times a day and in your sleep. You choose not to tell anyone for fear of losing your job or being seen as weak. You give the vision a name, ‘Bloody Face in Bunker,’ and call it BFIB for short. You keep BFIB locked away in your mind, secretly haunting you for the next seven years.

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