Are there laws behind spontaneous remission? by Valerie Minard

Spontaneous remissionIn this article Valerie Minard, a colleague and a writer who focuses on the connection between consciousness, spirituality and health, explores the phenomena referred to as spontaneous remission from a spiritual perspective.  Spontaneous remission is unexplainable from a medical standpoint-it is the cure of disease that has been diagnosed as potentially fatal without any traditional medical treatment.  Valerie offers compelling examples of this type of cure and the medical research that suggests that mental and spiritual principles are directly associated with these recoveries. Explore with me this eye opening article that offers promise to the ‘incurable’.

In 2008, Claire Haser was diagnosed with cancer and told it would be fatal. Although in the past, she had used traditional medicine, she decided to skip the recommended surgery and chemotherapy.  Instead, she decided that what she really needed to do was “change her relationship with fear.” In the process, she did some deep soul searching.  Five years later, when she went back to the doctor for some unrelated tests, she discovered that she was cancer-free.

Some people may call this a miracle.  Others, a fluke.  Doctors call it spontaneous remission.  But, according to Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, an instructor at Harvard Medical School who also holds a Master’s Degree in Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, there is a common thread.  “In my studies of more than 100 people with medical evidence for recovery from incurable illness,” says Rediger, “the similarity in their paths suggests to me identifiable mental and spiritual principles associated with their recoveries….Miracles only contradict what we know of nature at this point in time.” But he believes that they may be consistent with mental and spiritual laws we have yet to study more thoroughly.

One hundred and fifty years earlier, however, health researcher and theologian Mary Baker Eddy came to the same conclusion through first-hand experience.  She had a quick recovery from a near-fatal accident when she turned to the Bible for the spiritual understanding she believed could heal her.  She had read and loved the Bible her whole life, but after her healing, she made a three-year, in-depth study of it to find out what had happened. The Bible has numerous cases of people being healed of incurable diseases– such as deafness, blindness, and even death.  Eddy believed there was a divine Principle that Jesus applied in his healing work and taught to his disciples.  This enabled them to heal others repeatedly as he did.

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