PTSD Treatment: Symptoms or Souls?

Photo by © Glow images

Photo by © Glow images

With the influx of returning veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), researchers are looking for alternative methods of treatment.  New research has uncovered that the treatment of PTSD is more effective when it is tailored to each person on an individualized basis.  Richard Geiger, a spiritual thinker, writer, star patch blogger and colleague, shares his insight on the development of effective alternative treatments such as, meditation and spirituality.  Let’s join Richard and find out what he has discovered about this unconventional approach and its effectiveness in the treatment of PTSD.

Richard Geiger follows the VA’s search for non-drug PTSD treatment of symptoms. Its research points to holistic treatment of the individual

After the showing of “American Sniper,” the audience around me at our local theater—perhaps like at yours—remained silent. It went on for a some very long minutes before people quietly rose and shuffled out.

I think we were sharing heartbreak.

We were sharing an urgency for dominion over combat trauma called post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). The number of affected veterans and families is growing. And, as many dedicated care-givers work to find solutions, one fact is emerging: one method of treatment does not fit everyone.

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