PTSD: Is it Possible to Gain Mental Freedom?, by Valerie Minard

In this article, Valerie Minard, a colleague and a writer who focuses on the connection between consciousness, spirituality and health, presents a non-medical treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  She shares her spiritual insight and testimonies of military personnel who have been successfully treated by alternative methods such as, physical training, fishing, backpacking, yoga and prayer.  Valerie acknowledges how prayer (understanding our relationship with God) has the ability to permanently heal the symptoms of PTSD.  This heartfelt and empowering article is on my must read list-I hope it will be on yours!

ptsdWhen Former Marine Robert Consulmagno from Jersey City, New Jersey, came back from combat, he wanted to find peace of mind not only from the trauma of an abusive childhood but from the ravages of war. Initially, he was treated with medication for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and bi-polar disorder. But he eventually stopped taking the medication. “When I was on it I was more depressed, suicidal, and hospitalized,” he said. ”Once I got off it, my life began to change.”

About four years ago, Robert took up Brazilian Jiu jitsu. He is now the #2 ranking purple belt in the world, using the intense physical training as his therapy. His story is motivating other vets, and he hopes to encourage them to seek alternative treatments like he did. “I’m trying to help save lives without medicating,” he said.  (See video:

Alternative treatments may include things like therapeutic fishing, backpacking, rafting, horse handling and riding, yoga, and interacting with service dogs or pets. Recent studies claim that alternative treatments like yoga and interacting with animals can be just as effective as drugs without the harmful side effects. And some doctors are beginning to incorporate them into the treatments they prescribe. In spite of that, most experts believe that there is no cure for PTSD and that it can only be managed.

But the question remains, why are alternative treatments better at managing PTSD than drugs? Do they point to the need for a more thoughtful, even spiritual, dimension in treatment? If so, perhaps the most powerful treatment of all would be something purely spiritual — prayer to infinite Spirit or divine Love.

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