Get over your prejudices for better health, at home and abroad, by Kay Stroud

In today’s clime, the mention of traveling and especially traveling to foreign countries invokes fear, prejudice and concern about personal safety.  Kay Stroud, a colleague and a writer who writes about the connection between consciousness, spirituality and health, shares her personal experience and spiritual perspective on an eye opening approach to debunk these misconceptions and fears.  Unchecked these fears and prejudices can limit our thinking and have been proven to adversely affect our health and wellbeing.  Join me and read this heart felt article about the Love that casts out fear and can free us of prejudice.

get-over-your-prejudices-for-better-health-at-home-and-abroadYou have exciting travel plans. You announce your plans to friends and family.

What’s the reaction?

Is your excitement reflected back to you? Or do you find yourself swamped by a barrage of fears and prejudices? Worse still, are you adversely influenced by this negativity?

We certainly can be, unless we take the opportunity to uncover what it is that’s at the root of those misconceptions.

When my husband and I were asked to accompany my brother-in-law and his Indonesian wife to stay with her Muslim family in east Java for a short holiday recently, it seemed like a great opportunity to experience another culture. However, there were reservations voiced from several directions, which included fears arising from racism and religious bigotry, as well as health concerns raised in relation to the environment.

Rather than slipping into seeing peoples and cultures as sinister or environments as unhealthy, it’s beneficial to recognise that we can resist the temptation to take on such fears and prejudices. We can rein in these thoughts in order to maintain a sense of safety at home or abroad, and in order to benefit us as well as those voicing such prejudices.

Why is that?


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