Prayer: The Most Powerful Medicine

I mentioned to a friend of mine, a paralegal for a medical malpractice defense firm, that I was thinking about writing a blog about prayer being the most powerful medicine.  To my surprise, she agreed.

She said that drugs and surgery could help but there was a point where God could do what medicine could not.

I decided to speak with a nurse friend of mine to see how important she thought prayer was to the recovery of her patients.  She said that prayer was the most important factor in recovery.  The ones who relied on prayer were happier, more calm and hopeful and that these qualities were important in healing.

There was a time when I was part of the medical community.  I had a gynecologist, an ob-gyn, a podiatrist, dermatologist and an ENT  (ear, nose, throat) specialist. They were all wonderful men and women, available to answer questions and concerns, and always had my best interests at heart.

During this time, I was diagnosed with an allergy to cats and to housework and had an incurable skin condition for which I was given various remedies for relief but not for healing.  I accepted these conditions as part of me.

There did come a time, however, when healing or relief did not come and was not promised.  I had a lump removed at an out-patient clinic and when I went to have the stitches removed, the physician said he wanted to check me into the hospital right away for surgery.  The mass had been described as an aggressive growth.  They had not gotten it all and he was afraid it had spread.  He hoped that, with surgery, they would be able to clean it out.

The best case scenario was skin grafting.  The worst case was amputation and, if they weren’t able to get it all, eventual death.  I was so frightened that I fainted in his office.

I agreed to surgery.  That afternoon I asked a friend to call my mother who was a devoted Christian Scientist.  She gave the friend some verses from the Bible and a sentence from the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of  the religion.  This friend got a copy of the book from a Christian Science Reading Room so I could read what my mother had asked me to think about.

The Bible verses were from Genesis 1:27,31.  “God created man in His own image,”  And, “God saw everything He had made, and, behold, it was very good.” And from Jeremiah 30:17. “For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord.”

The lines from Science and Health: “All that really exists is divine Mind and its idea and in this Mind the entire being is found to be harmonious and eternal.”  Even though I didn’t completely understand this, I thought about these words and Bible verse most of the night.  The nurses prepped  me for surgery and the surgery went on as scheduled.

When I woke up in the recovery room, the surgeon told me that when they opened me up, the mass was entirely gone.  There was nothing to remove.  They couldn’t explain it but we were all relieved and grateful.

When I went home, I  threw all medications away and from that point on vowed to try to understand this Science of the Christ that had healed me overnight.  I started attending church and enrolled my children into a Christian Science Sunday School.  I studied the Bible and the textbook and was eventually healed of the allergies and skin problem.

Always grateful for the kindness, honesty and integrity of the physicians, I have found and proven in innumerable ways that God is the most powerful medicine, the healer in every case.

Christ Jesus says, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  (John 8:32)

Mary Baker Eddy states it this way:  “A Christian Scientist’s medicine is Mind, the divine Truth that makes man free.”

I was free to explore the power of prayer through the study of Christian Science.




  1. A friend

    Powerful blog! Thank you!

  2. Grateful for the blog and for many years of blessings.

  3. This was truly a beautiful healing and a wonderful example for those who might be struggling with a physical condition that appears aggressive and debilitating. It was also impressive to learn that the medical personnel were so positive about the effectiveness of prayer.

    Thank you for sharing in such an inspiring way.

  4. I found Christian Science in the hospital. I mean, I was raised a CS, but I didn’t make it my own until I had been firmly planted in a hospital bed for an entire summer. One evening, the doctor decided to “give it to me straight.” After the news was delivered about my condition, the only thing I could think of at that moment was, I know why they weld the windows shut. I was at the material end, there were no more solutions “to get along” in life. They sedated me that night so I could sleep, and when I awoke in the morning, I had an acute sense of the news that had been delivered to me the night before. I cried, I couldn’t see a way out, and the nurse came in and her heart went out to me, and she made the room telephone available to me so I could call out. I called my wife, crying, and she immediately reached out, With God all things are possible, and thus, my recovery in the hospital with Christian Science prayer, began. The 9am sun shone through the window, I felt it’s warmth on my feet, once and for all I reached for the CS Bible Lesson that my wife had left in the room the week before, and began to read that week’s Lesson on Life. That was roughly 7 years ago, and I am still on that path, and am grateful for all the discovery and sustenance since.