Positively Health – Finding Ways to Help Addicts Overcome Their Addictions

Addiction problems have escalated in Illinois and through-out the United States at an alarming rate contributing directly or indirectly to many deaths.  Tim Mitchinson, a blog writer, spiritual seeker and colleague, explores a growing belief that this problem has to be dealt with by breaking old patterns of behavior and identity. He shares his insight on a remedy that is close at hand-a more spiritual way of identifying one’s self. Join me and see what Tim has discovered.

Photo by © Glow images

Photo by © Glow images

Addiction to alcohol and illegal drugs is increasing and can be deadly. According to the Illinois Department of Human services, “Over 5,500 deaths among Illinois residents each year, over 5% of all deaths, are directly or indirectly related to the use of alcohol and other drugs.”

Justin Wolfe, a clinical therapist at Linden Oaks Hospital told me, “We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. The deception is that substances, such as alcohol, marijuana and other drugs don’t reject us, they accept us, offering instant gratification – but they really don’t offer anything but isolation – you may exist, but you certainly are not living.”

Wolfe spoke of the changes in thought and lifestyle that need to take place to overcome addictive behavior.
“The addict needs to develop new friends, new skills, new attitudes,” Wolfe stated.

“It begins with HOW, which stands for honesty, open-mindedness and willingness,” Wolfe commented. And that mental change is vital to recovery.

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