Owning our Health: The transforming effect of Christmas

The beauty and light of Christmas can lead us to a transformation of thought from a fear based, stressed, unhappy mind set to a more spiritual, peaceful view of life.  This shift of thought brings about a sense of well-being and healing.  Anna Bowness-Park, a colleague, spiritual writer and thinker, shares her inspiring insight with us.  Join me in reading what Anna has to say.

Photo by © Glow Images

Photo by © Glow Images

Christmas lights can transform our homes and communities, but one man’s change of thought brought a transformation in how he saw himself and others

When most of us think about Christmas, we associate it with gift giving, family time and great food. What many hope for at Christmas is a greater sense of peace and well-being for ourselves, our neighbours, as well as for the world. The specific joy of Christmas is when we see all these things come together in specific instances and events that touch and transform our lives.

Author and work/life coach Don Joseph Goewey has experienced this and describes it in a recent article as his “best Christmas ever.” For a long time he had been cynical of Christmas, as well as resentful of the money his wife spent on gifts for their children. He dreaded the Visa card bill in January, and clearly gave everyone a hard time over the holiday season. As he described it, “I wasn’t much fun to have around.”

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