Owning our Health: Re-thinking our Self-imposed Limitations

Anna Bowness-Park, a spiritual thinker, published writer and colleague, shares her own and others experience with limited self- image and how this self- imposed thought process can affect every aspect of our life- including our health.  Let’s find out what Anna has discovered and wants us to consider in this stimulating and engaging article.

Photo by © Glow Images

Photo by © Glow Images

Breaking through the bubble of limiting beliefs about ourselves is the first step to discovering our true abilities.

Canadian Olympic gold medalist Adam Kreek was not happy. A new member of the team was a better rower than him, consistently beating him at races.  Although annoyed, Kreek was also curious. What made this young rower more successful? So, over coffee he asked the question. The response was surprising. “I seek failure,” said his teammate.

Expanding this idea in an entertaining and thoughtful TedX Talk in Victoria in 2013, Kreek went on to explain his teammate’s comment. Imagine yourself with a bubble around you. That bubble is your self-imposed limitations; how you see your abilities and what you believe about your capabilities. Kreek stressed that breaking through that bubble is the first step to understanding our true abilities. It is a vital part of understanding how we unwittingly limit ourselves in every avenue of life, including our health.

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Kate is interested in blogging about the impact of prayer and spirituality on our health from her experience as a Christian Science practitioner. She is the media, legislative and public contact for Christian Science in the state of Maryland. Contact Kate on Twitter: @CscomMaryland, on Facebook: Kate Johnson CS, or email:  maryland@compub.org.