Owning our Health: From Virtual Reality to Seeing Beyond our Limited Views of Life, by Anna Bowness-Park

Many believe that how we see the world is often a misinterpretation of reality.  That being able to look beyond what is generally accepted as barriers and limitations may actually be opportunities for progress.  Anna Bowness-Park, a syndicated writer, Christian Science Practitioner and colleague, gives us inspiring examples in this article of people who, by thinking out of one-dimensional points of view, have achieved great things for themselves and for the world.  She shares her unique perspective on understanding consciousness in a more spiritual way and on establishing a closer relationship with God.  Anna proposes that perhaps we could all use a shift in how we perceive life!

Reality as it isA popular viral video is making its way around social media. A humpback whale leaps dramatically up through a gym floor, where scores of children stand watching and gasping enthusiastically as it makes a huge splash when it comes back down and hits the floor, which becomes the ocean. Real? Of course not!

Magic Leap, a new company that is making its own waves within the virtual reality industry, created this dramatic image. Commenting on the video, the tech division of media site Newsie explains that the technology is a “dynamic digitalized light field signal” which merges lifelike, computer generated images – like the whale – with what the user sees in the real world. It’s called “Augmented Reality”. It involves a wearable projector that tracks the users eyes – like Google glass, but actually works like it’s supposed to.

Entertaining, fascinating, and an escape from our boring everyday lives, virtual reality is the next enthralling invention to engage us. Moving on from the magic shows of yesterday’s traditional illusionists, we now have the opportunity to experience the hologram deck from Star Trek – Next Generation in our living rooms. Anyone who saw the video of a 90-year old woman having her first experience with the Oculus Rift technology understands the thrill. “If I try to explain this to anybody, they won’t believe me,” she gasped, adding, “I don’t believe I am seeing this.”

But what these modern illusionists show us is that seeing should not necessarily be believing.

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