Owining our Health: Don’t be a victim! Be alert to your inner superhero. by Anna Bowness-Park

Today superheros are very popular topics on the big screen, in books, in the news and on social media  Anna Bowness-Park, a syndicated writer, spiritual thinker and colleague, explores an example of heroics that comes from within each of us.  She asks us to consider that we each have an inner voice that can guide and guard us. Whether you call it luck, a hunch or spiritual intuition, it is an always present and always available ‘superhero’ within each of us.  Anna shares her spiritual understanding of the source of this voice within in this inspiring article read what she has discovered.

Superhero glow images sigFor anyone thinking about stealing a cell phone, targeting tennis champion Serena Williams as a victim would not be an obvious or wise choice. Recently, Williams made headlines after she spoke about a video in which she is shown in some security camera footage chasing after the hapless thief.

Williams said that she had an intuition about the man standing near her in a busy restaurant. She felt uncomfortable about his presence, and then in an instant her cell phone was gone from the table, and so was the man. With the lightning speed of an ace tennis champ, Williams chased after him and caught up to him.  But did she do an epic Serena overhead smash?

No. What was so interesting about her ensuing actions to reclaim her phone was that, although not confrontational, it was by no means passive. She recounted that she firmly asked him if he had ‘accidentally’ taken the wrong cellphone. The man hesitated at first, then reached into his pocket, apologized and said that yes, he had taken it by accident. He gave it back, and the encounter ended there.

Clearly, Williams was not interested in being a victim in this incident. Feeling her own moral strength and power, she did not feel the need to wrestle the man to the ground and call the police. Nor did she give him a verbal tirade. She did not even appear to be angry. Though unusual in an often-confrontational society, she graciously treated her would-be victimizer with dignity and gave him a way out.

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