Our Father

Fathers Day tribute mar52laine Marilyn flickrWhatever kind of a father one feels they have or had — good, bad or indifferent or maybe none at all; if  we think about it, we can find a father-figure in our lives.  Maybe it’s a friend, a neighbor, a teacher, counselor or maybe it’s just a feeling, a thought, an intuition (which I call God) that shows us what is right or wrong and how to make a good decision when facing tough situations.

My father wasn’t the best or the worst, I guess.  For one thing, he travelled a lot and wasn’t around much.  When he was around, he had a habit of making, what I thought were, promises that he rarely ever kept.

He would get my sister and me motivated by saying, “If you do thus and so, we might do this or that.”  And the reward or promise was always something we really wanted to do.  We would rush around doing what he asked of us.  When we were done, he would say, “I said ‘might’ or ‘maybe.’”  And we would be so disappointed.  He would always chuckle acting like it was funny or clever even.

My sister and I learned he wasn’t trustworthy or dependable and, at some point, stopped running around for him.

We were learning in Sunday School about God’s promises and when He made a promise to the Israelites, He kept it.  Over and over again, He saved them when they were obedient to His Commandments.

In the Old Testament of the Bible, He was referred to as Lord, God, Almighty and other high and esteemed terms.  In the New Testament, Christ Jesus refers to God as “Father” and God refers to him as “Son.”  Jesus gave us the Lord’s Prayer which begins, “Our Father.”

To me, as a young Sunday School student, the word “our” meant that God was everyone’s Father and this included me, too.  I began turning to Him with any problems I had rather than to my parents.  I was never disappointed – He kept His promises to me.  And because I was listening to His direction, I was able to get out of situations that might have been considered questionable and even dangerous.

I never really thought I was substituting God for my human father until a several years ago when my daughter was meeting with a sociologist to help her work through some issues of her own.  She asked me to attend a session with her as it was thought I could shed some light on touchy issues with helpful answers.

After the session, when I was leaving, the sociologist said to me:  “From what I have heard today, it seems as though God was your Father and Mother.”  This statement startled me at first, but I quickly answered, “He was!”

I realized I was never without a Father.  In fact, God was the best Father.  He never disappointed.  He kept His promises!

Kate is interested in blogging about health, health care, spirituality, Christian Science, science, the importance of prayer and religion.  She is a Christian Science practitioner and the media, legislative and public contact for Christian Science in the state of Maryland.  She and her husband enjoy hiking, especially with Callie, a Blue Heeler, and riding motorcycles.  

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  1. Great post on God’s universal Fatherhood! We can trust Him and I am grateful, ALWAYS!