Music Therapy Offers Glimpse of Man’s Innate Harmony, Tim Mitchinson

Photo by © Glow Images

Photo by © Glow Images

Medical studies indicate that music therapy is beneficial in the treatment of disease.  Perhaps the connection with music establishes more than a pleasant chemical reaction- it may be a link to something much more spiritual.  Could this spiritual connection be what heals? Tim Mitchinson, a spiritual explorer, syndicated writer and colleague, shares his personal experience with the relationship between music and health.  Let’s see what Tim has discovered.

Among a host of “out of the mainstream” new therapies for treating or alleviating chronic ills, music therapy shows promise.  Hospitals and nursing homes across the country are adding music to their therapeutics as a way to reduce fear and stress.

The next big question is of course “Why does music do this?” Professional health-musician Ed Dulaney told me, “Music helps individuals move out of the cesspool of self-pity and into the ability to handle the issues they face.”

Looking even deeper, are the beneficial effects of music more than a chemical response in the brain? Does music in fact connect us to some larger, universal consciousness that aligns us with greater harmony?

For centuries, experts from many fields have looked beyond the body for answers to establishing a healthy life.  Many have found that when someone finds a connection to the divine, he feels an inner peace which can restore health.

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