Mind over Milkshake – A Step Towards A More Spiritual Diet, by Annu Matthai

Many people all over the world made losing weight this year’s number one New Year’s resolution.  Annu Matthai, a spiritual writer, Christian Science Practitioner and colleague, shares the findings of a new study about a different approach to accomplishing weight loss in this interesting and informative article.  She proposes, along with others, that the mindset we are in can fool our bodies and our appetites. Anna offers her unique perspective on ways to prevent constant worry about food and dieting from controlling our thinking. Maybe a shift in thought to a more spiritual mindset about substance and body is worth considering? See what Annu has discovered.

Mind over Milkshake –If your New Year’s resolution is that perennial favorite – weight loss – you may want to read further.

As someone interested in the connection between our thinking and our health, I was intrigued by the title of an online interview – Mind over Milkshake  – describing a study conducted by Dr. Alia Crum and her colleagues of Yale University to determine if food labels affect metabolism.

Half the participants in the study were given milkshakes labeled Sensishake , zero fat, no sugar and 140 calories.  The milkshakes for the remaining group were labeled Indulgence, with sugar and fat adding up to 620 calories.  In actual fact, both milkshakes were exactly the same – 300 calories each.

Measuring the ghrelin (hunger hormone) levels of participants before and after consuming the milkshakes showed rather surprising results. Participants who believed they had consumed the “indulgent” shake felt more full and satisfied than their counterparts who thought they had consumed the “sensible” milkshake.  The study showed that beliefs about food have a more significant impact on lowering appetite and increasing metabolism than actual calories.

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