Mental Healing: Brain or Mind? by Mojisola Solanke

It seems there has always been a social stigma associated with mental illness and anyone deemed as mentally ill in this country and many others. Mojisola Solanke, a Christian Science Media Representative for Nigeria, writer and colleague, offers a possible solution for mental illness that reaches beyond orthodox treatment.  She explores the possibility that there may be an alternative treatment that does not necessitate using prescription drugs.  Many in her country are seeking a different kind of help called ‘spiritual help’.  Mojisola shares her spiritual perspective on how ‘spiritual help’ -discovering our deep connection to God- can treat and heal mental illness. Read this thought provoking article on this sensitive and current topic.

mental healing- brain or MindLike any ailment, mental illness is distressing. Unlike physical illnesses however, mental illness has the added problem of the stigma society attaches to it. The perception of diminished mental capacity may inadvertently bring a sense of fear, resulting in negative reactions, without the compassion and understanding the public would normally show one suffering ill health. This attitude may also be due to the fact that the law rightly makes allowance when meting out punishment for crimes committed by those deemed to exhibit reduced mental capacity. There are various forms of mental illness, ranging from the mild to the extremely aggressive, the emotional and psychological to the psychiatric.

Specialists who treat mental illness, in many cases seek its cause in an abnormality of the brain, either due to injury, trauma or natural causes; and they treat the ailment with material drugs, in addition to counseling and other therapies. In many countries, such as Nigeria, some also seek what is termed ‘spiritual help’. Indeed some medical personnel, finding a case beyond the ken of orthodox treatment, have quietly suggested that patients resort to spiritual means – the aim of any course of treatment being healing.

Is the cause of mental illness in some way inextricably dependent on a physical organ, specifically derangement of the brain? And do material methods and modes of treatment afford the only hope for a cure? The very name of the ailment would suggest otherwise. Doctors who specialise in the brain insist that certain brain lobes carry out the function of thinking, mood, personality and whatnot. Mary Baker Eddy takes a diametrically opposite view. She insists, in her book on healing titled Science and Health with key to the Scriptures, that the brain and its lobes, being made up entirely of matter, cannot of themselves, think, or be the repository of intelligence. This answer, though radical, if given due consideration, may give a hint as to what may actually benefit the diagnosis, treatment and healing of mental illness.

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