Listening – a Connection to Good Health

Colleagues listening to businesswoman's report in meeting room in office.More and more healthcare providers, be it doctors or nurses, are coming to the conclusion that listening is a very important component in care giving.  Making a connection-being compassionate, paying attention and being respectful are powerful dynamics in successfully treating health challenges of every kind.  There are many methods available to help find the connection that ensures us that all will be well.  Wendy Margolese, a community blogger, spiritual explorer and colleague, shares her personal experience with an ever-present, spiritual connection that is always available and accessible.  Perhaps, we just have to listen to make that connection.  Join me and read what Wendy has learned.

The reason we have two ears and one mouth, it’s said, is because we should spend twice as much time listening as talking!

But with the growing convenience of technologies that demand or divert our attention, it often feels harder to take the time to really listen and create and sustain important relationships – whether it is doctor-patient, employer-employee, parent-child, or husband-wife.

Yet connection matters. Relationship matters. Love matters. These are all dynamics that stem from listening and being listened to. Increasingly, the medical community is paying attention to the role listening can play in how to care for a patient.

What is it about truly listening to another person’s story – pain, sadness, joys and fears – that results in being better able to help someone find health?

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