It’s a matter of perspective!

When I initially moved to Baltimore and first met my husband, I got “the look” when he found I had never heard of Johnny Unitas, Brooks Robinson or Wes Unseld.

To be honest with you, I gave him “the look” when I found he had never heard of Rudolph Nureyev, Margot Fonteyn, or the Three Tenors — Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras.

However, we both tried our best to appreciate the others perspective on entertainment.

I have begun to realize that we both actually come from the same perspective – he appreciates the “athleticism and dedication involved in a well played game, a well designed plan, a long pass, double play or slam dunk.”  These things draw praise from my husband.

I  love the beauty, harmony and grace of a heartfelt aria or a well executed grand jete, a steady and smooth pirouette, the fluidity of the arms and movement of a ballet dancer.

We are coming from the same place – love – love of the game, love of the dance and love of a well trained voice.

I get the same “look” when someone realizes I don’t have a medical history, a family doctor, or, “No, I don’t even take aspirin for a headache.”  When it’s discovered that I use prayer, that I turn to God, to meet all my needs – health, relationship, business and anything else that appears as a challenging situation, I get “the look.”

I try to explain that I have always been a Christian Scientist, that I have always prayed for resolutions to my health – that I love God and trust Him to answer my prayers and that this is normal for and second nature to me.  I suspect I’m not alone.  Others who choose approaches to their health care that are outside the mainstream model have likely experienced this too.

Yet, I have come to realize that every man, woman and child is interested in doing what they feel is best for their individual health care needs.  I turn to God and get my best results through prayer.  Others turn to the medical community or to other methods for healing. Each of us has likely found comfort and solutions in the approach we have taken to our health care.

Let’s stop giving “the look” of incredulity when we come face-to-face with the different or unfamiliar.

It’s all a matter of perspective! Love.

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Kate is interested in blogging about health, spirituality, Christian Science, science, the importance of prayer and religion.  She is a Christian Science practitioner and the media, legislative and public contact for Christian Science in the state of Maryland.  She and her husband enjoy hiking, especially with Callie, a Blue Heeler, and riding motorcycles.  


  1. I absolutely love this blog! It is so important to love people for who they are and the spiritual qualities that they represent. We are all unique, have different interests, and our own individual perspectives that make the world more beautiful. Love, Love, Love!! 🙂

    • You are absolutely correct. We are a world of beautiful people. God has created each of us to be individual expressions of His infinite nature.

  2. This DEFINITELY brought humor to my morning, :-)! I grew up an athlete, and appreciate those Baltimore athlete names three of the best of all time to play their positions, and you are right, they had a love of their respective games that elevated their skill and iconic natures.
    Many years later, I earned my BFA in art, and I absolutely appreciate hallowed and stunning creative performances by the dancers and vocalists you named!! You can see them moved by Love every bit as much to move ‘us’ as an audience.
    God’s love for His expressions is exactly the same in every man, woman, and child, who is, ever has been, and ever will be, and is reflected by His children.
    Jesus exemplified this best, he turned no one away, in his ministry of illustrating His Father’s love for His children. This is what Jesus loved to do, and gave us a commandment to do the same:
    Love one another; as I have loved you, so ye should love one another.

    Thank you Kate, for this moving and wonderful blog!

    • Hi Steve: Thank you for your comments. Love of what we do is so important because it shows in all our work and draws gratitude and appreciation and love from others.

  3. This is the most important factor you want to consider. Anything that deals with one’s health has to be accurate. It’s the only way to go. You don’t want to go rushing in to the ER (Emergency room) just because your machine tells you got super high blood pressure. You don’t want that kind of problems and worries.