Is Love Actually All We Need? by Tony Lobl

Is Love Actually All We Need?

Most would agree that love is one of the most powerful components of our being.  Tony Lobl, a writer on health and spirituality and a colleague, shares his insight on the different aspects, benefits and expressions of love. Here is Tony. . .

Photo by GiselaGiardino uploaded from

Photo by GiselaGiardino uploaded from

“All you need is love” sang the Beatles, as they once again topped the charts.

I confess I sang along with the Fab Four as heartily as the next Beatle fan – although perhaps not always in tune!

So when a card dropped on the doormat recently, bearing those words, it not only took me back a few decades but also prompted a thought-provoking question: “What kind of love is it that meets all our needs?”

After all, there are many varieties to choose from, according to the promotional blurb from a highly colourful Festival of Love – currently running at London’s Southbank Centre.

“The Ancient Greeks had around 30 words to describe Love in all its shades and complexities,” it says.


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