The Celebrity Endorsement – is there a better influence for health? by Wendy Margolese

With the growth of social media advice and endorsements on every topic are accessible and available at lightning speed.  A current phenomena is the influence that celebrity endorsements and advice can have on the public perception of health and well-being. These unrealistic types of endorsements have been found to have adverse effects on health related behavior. Wendy Margolese, a colleague and blogger-who writes on the relationship between spirituality and health, gives us her provocative perspective on being more selective in choosing a celebrity for healthcare advice- maybe even a more spiritual expert is what is needed. See what Wendy has to share on this popular trend!

celebrity magnetismThe celebrity influence is pervasive in our lives. We take our cues from celebrities on what to wear, what to watch and how to spend our money. And, we listen to their health advice.

This advice spreads more easily these days with the growth of social media. After all, Katy Perry – promoter of vitamin supplements – has 80 million Twitter followers; that’s 77 million more than the World Health Organization!

Studies consistently show that celebrity culture can influence extreme health-related behaviour – such as excessive screening and testing. And celebrity body shapes, often Photo-shopped, influence how we want to appear – unrealistic portrayals that give rise to unhealthy eating habits and/or elective cosmetic surgery.

If we give pause to the celebrity hype, we see it is not all reasonable. But research suggests there is an underlying rationale as to why we follow health and lifestyle advice from celebrities that have no scientific expertise in these fields.
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