Insights about womanhood after watching “Wonder Woman,” by Ingrid Peschke

In this article, Ingrid Peschke, a colleague and a syndicated writer, who focuses on connecting consciousness, spirituality and health, gives us much to think about on the topic of womanhood.  Ingrid shares her personal experience and spiritual insight in this inspiring article. She addresses the challenges that are unique to women today and solutions that are available to us all. Ingrid acknowledges that through a deep trust in God gained through prayer and reading the Bible, each of us can feel empowered and capable.  This article is on my must read list-I hope it will be on yours!

When I was 7, my mother dressed up as Wonder Woman for a costume party. A photo of her taken that night was taped to our family’s refrigerator for years. There she stood striking her best superhero pose in knee-high boots, hands placed confidently on star-studded shorts, with a gold band on her forehead and cuffs around her wrists. This image served as a reminder to me that, costume or not, I could face difficulties with dominion just as my mom did in her life.

Naturally, I was part of the opening-night crowd for the recent blockbuster film “Wonder Woman.” Finally, an action movie that successfully proves to audiences that a female superhero is perfectly able to conquer evil without relying on sheer muscle and violence.

I came away pondering the qualities women bring to the table in facing adversity in our world today. Modern “Goliaths” that loom large for women include equal pay and opportunity in the workplace, access to education, fairness in representation in seats of authority, and diseases deemed specific to women. History shows that women have largely been underrepresented in terms of their impact on the world and the major reforms they’ve brought to society. But all men and women have inherent strength and abilities.

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