Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.   Age has no bearing on whether one is a hero or not – neither does being famous indicate a hero  in the making.  Some heroes are never recognized and sometimes we don’t even know we have been a hero nor do we know the name of someone who has been a hero to us.  We have often heard and used the term, “You are an angel.”  But, heroes and angels are not the same, however, though they may appear to be.

“Angels are pure thoughts from God…no matter what their individualism may be,” Mrs. Eddy says in her book, “Science and Health with key to the Scriptures.”   They don’t have to have wings or noticeable halos.  She continues her definition of angels by stating angels are “God’s thoughts passing to man.”

A hero is someone who commits a selfless act without consideration of their own well-being; without expectation of a “thank you” or considerable recognition.  One who puts themselves out to help another or possibly takes the risk of being ridiculed or ostracized – but still stands up for what he/she believes.  A hero is one who not only listens to thoughts directing to do this or that, but actually acts upon those beneficial and sometimes life-saving thoughts.

As a Christian, Christ Jesus is my hero.  He says if we love enough we will “lay down our life for [our] friends” (John).  And, as a Christian Scientist,  Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, is also my hero.  I am sure everyone of faith, no matter what religion they follow, finds the founder of their religion a hero.

My children have each been heroes to me at one time or another.  So has my husband.

I love when a successful athlete, musician, or any successful person acknowledges God as the author of their talent or their mother or father as their hero for either working 2 or 3 jobs to get them where they are or having always been there for them in some way.

There was a time when we had had several feet of snow and I noticed our bird feeder was empty.  I put on my high snow boots, hat, winter coat, and gloves and trudged through the deep snow to get to the feeder and then trudged back to fill it.  Then, of course, I trudged back to hang it up for the birds, squirrels – whatever critter was hungry.  When I got back to the house, I looked out the glass doors and saw the birds clamoring for seeds and suet.  I thought to myself, “What a wonderful thing I had done by feeding the birds.”  Immediately following that declaration, the thought came:  “It isn’t you who fed the birds, it is an angel thought, a thought of love, from God.”  I was humbled once again by these angel thoughts leading me to know that, “I can of mine own do nothing:” (John).

I love the television commercial where one does a good deed for another and that one, in turn, does a good deed for someone else and then the chain begins.  Everyone that is part of the chain of events is a hero –  acting on angel thoughts – and there appears to be no stopping the good deeds as the ripple effect comes into play – it never stops.

It would  be great for our world if good deeds never stopped and each of us never stopped being a hero listening to the angels of His presence.





  1. Love the image of you “feeding the birds” and the beautiful realization that it was not you, but divine Love meeting the needs of His beloved creation. It is interesting to think about those who have been angels/heroes in my own life. Whether I knew their name or not, it was always God loving me and meeting my needs just like those little birds. Thanks for this beautiful thought.

  2. Jack Sharp

    Great description of heroes who. come across as angels or instruments of God.
    I have blessed to know and experience that kind of selfless, divine grace in my life.

  3. Francie Berland

    I am ever so grateful for the heroes/angels in my life and it is those who just keep on loving, keep on forgiving, keep on encouraging, smiling when most might want to scream……knowing that “divine love alone governs man” completely and harmoniously. Your blog has helped me to be more alert as to how I can be a blessing to others.