Here’s the rock – here’s the hard place. Now what?

Research has revealed that repeated “no-way-out” situations can affect our health and wellbeing.  These types of situations that seem to offer only two unsatisfactory solutions can result in depression and anxiety which now affects millions of adults.  Karla Hackney, a spiritual writer, thinker and colleague, offers another option–spiritual inspiration-for coping with these seeming “no-way-out” scenarios.  Read this article and find out what Karla has to share on this spiritual option.

Anxious businessman looking at a wall with drawings of arrowsWe don’t see it coming, we only get two choices and both choices are completely unacceptable.  What do we do?

We are handed a first-thing-tomorrow deadline, for instance.  Because of expensive and once-in-a-lifetime plans for tonight, we say “no”.  Left with no other choice, the boss issues an ultimatum, “… get it on my desk by 8:00 A.M.”

We can:

1) “cancel plans”

2) “leave career”

Both options – unsatisfactory.

And then it happens again…

Facing repeated “no-way-out” endings can affect health and wellbeing, reports the ADAA, and anxiety or depression can ensue.  Statistics show that these two disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults. These “lesser of two evils” scenes don’t happen just at work; they can take place in our marriages, our families, and our communities.

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